Specialised Bars

We have over 20 weightlifting bars, ranging from Eleiko and ESP competition bars to Again Faster training bars, all in male and female sizes.

Competition Plates

We’ve pledged to supply only the very best for our members and our KLOKOV Again Faster plates are no exception. Over 150 competition spec plates from 10kg to 25kg. Enough said.

Collars, Platforms & Racks

We also have a range of competition collars, platforms and squat racks.


Other Specialised Bars

A range of other specialist bars including, Texas competition deadlift bar, Trap bar, Rickshaw bar, Wolverson Jammer, Watson safety squat bar, Ivanko competition PL bar, 4″ Cambered squat bar and 60mm Axle Rebel competition log.

ODIN Power Cages

Strength specialist ODIN have never missed a trick and their cages are no exception. 1″ spaces between pin heights means better safety for your heavy squats and better specificity during your rack pulls and pin presses. Unbreakable peices of kit.

ODIN Competition Benches

Into benching? We got you. Competition specification and super heavy duty as you’d expect. We’ve had these for over 6 years and still solid as a rock.


Viking Press

Another monster peice of custom made kit from our good friends at Good Gym equipment. Super heavy duty and wouldn’t look out of place at a world strongest man that’s for sure.

Power Runner

Possibly one of the most exciting and functional peices of kit you will ever come across. Incredible for strongman, running, jumping, bounding and the contralateral aspects of the exercise also make for an excellent dynamic isometric for the spinal erector. 10/10

Multifunctional Combo Station

Lunges, split squats, car deadlifts, shrugs, floor presses, rows, you know it, on this machine you can do it!

Watson Glute Blaster

Top of the range, heavy duty, they don’t come more robust than this! Built for heavy loading with extended plate pins to really blast those glutes and improve your backside.

Watson Vertical Leg Press

Working around injuries is important and like our belt squat, the Watson leg press helps you to improve leg drive whilst maximising back support.

Westside Inverse Pro Curl

The GOLD standard of hamstring exercises! You want to run faster, jump higher, prevent hamstring pulls and reduce knee problems? Look no further.

Watson Pendulum Squat

An easier version of the TRU squat yet significantly harder than the leverage squat as anyone who has tried will vouche for! A great go between for those who are working their way towards advanced specialised exercises

Hammer Strength Combo Twist

Rotation power? We’ve got it! Swinging, punching, throwing, all important in sports, this helps bridge the gap. Also doubles as a good standing press/pull static style

Watson TRU Squat

They don’t come anymore specialised than this! A very special peice of kit. Superb for isolating the quads and supporting the spine.

Watson Leverage Squat

One of the most biomechanically friendly squat machines a beginner can use. The squat is not for everyone due to various restrictions and requirements, however the leverage squat bridges the gap and makes it much easier to get LOW! An important exercise for our beginners.

Watson Animal Row

Another ESCP favourite for the upper back! Any position, any angle. Great for posture, deadlift lockout, bench set up aswell as a great hypertrophy workout.

Watson Unilateral Leg Curl

One of the best ways to really isolate that distal end of the upper leg and reduce knee injuries. A favourite for the girls at ESCP.

Watson Incline Bench

A must have for any strength gym, a fantastic builder and shaper for the upper chest, triceps and shoulders.

Watson Side Lateral Press

Watson plate loaded side lateral press. Sleek design with a superb strength curve, both made for maximum comfort and maximum performance. The best!

Watson Leg Curl/Extension

A sleek combo station designed for comfort and smooth execution. Standard lying leg curl and seated leg extension.

Seated Calf/Tib Ant Raise

Good Gym Equipment custom made seated calf/tib ant raise. Perfect for sprinters or anyone who needs extra attention to knee health to support repeated explosive action

Watson Seated Press

Watson plate loaded seated press. Sleek design with a superb strength curve, both made for maximum comfort and maximum performance. The best!

Watson 6 Stack Multi Cable Station

Custom made Watson 6 multi station stack. Over 1200kg with various stations for all types of pulley exercises.

Watson Glute Ham Developer

The classic gymnastic ladder/pommel horse combo with knee pad for the ‘poor man’s glute ham’. Not a patch hamstrings wise compared to our Inverse Pro, but excellent for the glute with standard back raises.

Watson Reverse Hyper

One of the best posterior chain exercises from one of the most reputable brands in the world! Incredible for postural alignment and synchronising the back end of the body to ensure you move properly!

Watson 45 Degree Hyper

Our THIRD back extension machine, why? Because the posterior chain matters people! No peak tension in comparison to the hammer strength back extension but a great warm up exercise and superb assistance exercise for beginners/super heavyweight lifters alike.

Watson Belt Squat

Wrist, shoulder or back injury? The belt squat boasts zero intervebrae stress on the discs and a hefty load transferred to the quads. Great assistance exercise.

Watson Tri Station

Our heavy duty leg raise station also can cater for heavy dipping and multiple grip chins and pull ups also. Great for finishing deadlift sessions or in a circuit for fitness.


Log Press

Our REBEL competition spec log weighs 80kg so it usually takes a good base phase before any beginners can press it. Our Swiss bar or football bar can help bridge the gap whilst working towards log strict presses. Equally our wolverson JAMMER can help practice push presses for reps before turning to the log.

Farmer Walks

We have two pairs of farmers walks, our low pick up ODIN competition farmers and another pair generously gifted from top coach Adam Domyslawski. Both suffice for training purposes.


Hammer workouts, tyre flips, Plyometrics. Great for conditioning and general phys workouts.

Want to become stronger, faster and more athletic?